CARPURIDE W901 Pro Portable Smart Multimedia Dual Bluetooth Dashboard Console

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Supports Wireless & Wired Connections: Apple Carplay/Android Auto / Mirror link /Only wired AutoLink/ USB Multimedia Player/ TF Card Multimedia Player / Cam in/ AUX output/Bluetooth Transmitter

Screen: 9-inch HD IPS capacitive Screen 1024* 600

Support Voice Controls: Apple Siri & Android Voice Control & Google.

Multimedia Playback: USB + CAN IN +TF card Multiple input ports

Built-in: 5G WiFi + Bluetooth 5.0+Bluetooth transmitter

Light-sensing: Automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient brightness

EQ effect: Many different sound effect options

Audio Output: 5 Sound Modes include Built-in speaker 4Ω5W, FM, AUX, Bluetooth Transmission, BT audio (Note: Supports car BT sound by Carplay or A-Auto; does not support TF Card and USB Drive sound transmission to car speakers)

FM Frequency: FM 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz

AUX output: 3.5mm RCA

USB Port: 5V 2.1A

Operating Voltage: DC 12V-24VThe portable car stereo is equipped with the latest voice control technology. allowing you to make phone calls, navigate, and play music with the help of an intelligent voice assistant. Bluetooth transmission function, supports Bluetooth connection to car audio. When playing music, click EQ. You can also choose rock, classical, jazz, and other sound effects. The light-sensing design can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient brightness, protect your eyes, and drive more safely.9-inch IPS touchscreen car stereo, resolution 1024 * 600, support 1080P video playback, enjoy a full set of large-screen movies, maps, and other features. Wireless /wired connection Android Auto & Apple CarPlay & Airplay. Wired connection only AUTOLink. After connecting, you can watch videos, make phone calls, navigate, and play music. Audio Output: 5 Sound Modes include Built-in speaker 4Ω5W, FM, AUX, Bluetooth Transmission, BT audio (Note: Supports car BT sound by Carplay or A-Auto; does not support TF Card and USB Drive sound transmission to car speakers)

Compared to the normal car stereo 12V voltage setting, we have 12-24V. Both cars and trucks can be used. The normal 12V car stereo is only suitable for cars, not trucks. And with a USB output of 2.1A, it can also be charged when connected to a mobile phone.

Note: As it is a large 9" screen, it is recommended for use in large trucks. Smaller vehicles may obstruct the view. We can upgrade the boot logo for free, completely personalized. For example, set your boot logo to match your model, or set the boot screen to your preferred personal or family photo, etc. Simply send us your preferred boot logo or picture. We are F2C, and we have our factory. From research, design, and production, to after-sales service, we meticulously control every step. Not only in the USA but also in Europe, Japan, and other regions, we have overseas warehouses to swiftly dispatch your orders.

We have established a dedicated customer service team to provide you with exceptional support. Should you have any inquiries before purchasing encounter any dissatisfaction or need assistance during usage, feel free to reach out to us via our official email address, and we'll respond within 24 hours.

Moreover, our products come with a 24-month quality guarantee. We continuously strive to enhance our products and offer complimentary software upgrades to ensure an improved user experience for you.

WhatsApp/Wechat/Line: +86 15914018419

Customer Reviews

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The W901 works great! I went through the order process a bit too quick though and missed the part about a personalized boot screen. I contacted the company and their response was quick and helpful. They were able to send me a file to update the bin file on the unit to change the boot screen!

Ernie Lansford
I stand corrected and apologize

I previously post led a 1 star review stating my displeasure that I received the wrong unit. I based this on a YouTube review showing a box like mine but with a different model number (W901pro) which is what I ordered. My box did not have the W plus I could not find the FM transmit function in mine like the reviewers unit. That said, after digging deeper I found the FM transmit soft toggle. I am not totally convinced I received a W901pro but that’s ok. The FM function is present. I apologize to Carpuride for my ignorance.

Piotr Guzewski
Carpuride w 901 pro

Carpuride w901 pro pleasantly surprised me. But I wish they weren't so sweet. I will mention that I had problems with pairing with my iPhone 15 pro max. Overall, I can recommend the device, but it's a pity that it doesn't have built-in Netflix and YouTube. I will try to make a review of this equipment and post it on YouTube. Greetings to the entire CARPURIDE team👊🫶☝️

Heidi Harron
Easy set up - works well

Screen is HUGE - easy to set up, works perfectly

Bert Van der Leij
Great product

I am really happy with my W901 pro.
My car does not support the way the Bluetooth connects to the 901. That’s a downer. But overall, I am very happy.

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