Carpuride is a factory manufacturing, branded direct selling company
12 years have been focusing on automotive electronics, such as car audio, car navigation, driving recorder. We have rich experience in product research and development, production and quality management. We have been providing OEM/ODM services for traditional car audio brands in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries. We are long-term partners of these customers. We have 200 engineers and 3000 workers.
All our products use advanced equipment and strict quality control procedures to ensure high quality.
We have applied for a number of patents every year.
We can customize software, hardware, appearance design for customers, and can carry out personalized function design and customized development.
We guarantee stable and timely supply, reliable quality and sincere service, with competitive prices and excellent quality, we offer 15-day unconditional returns and 24-month warranty.
We accept OEM bulk orders.
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Our dream: to build a trusted automotive electronics brand in 30 years.
Our mission: to make cars more interesting through technological innovation.
Our action policy: understand customer needs, meet customer needs, and constantly insist on optimization.
Owners of the appearance design center, product design (software, hardware design center) contact.
Order 200 sets of order, LOGO can be customized.
Order 500 sets, packaging can be customized.
Order 2000 sets, customizable function.
We can customize and design external molds for customers.

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WhatsApp/Wechat/Line: +8615914018419