Thank you for learning about the Carpuride brand.

Our dream: to build a trusted automotive electronics brand in 30 years.
Our mission: to make cars more fun through technological innovation.
Our action policy: Understand customer needs, meet customer needs, and constantly insist on optimization.
We are a young brand in the field of automotive electronics. Although we don't have a traditional brand for as long, we are always growing. We are young, we are willing to make progress, and we are willing to accept customers' suggestions and even criticism. We want to improve our product design, improve quality, and increase customer satisfaction.
Your suggestion will be the motivation and direction of our efforts.
Sincerely hope to hear your suggestions:
for example:
1. Whether the product function design is reasonable.
2. Appearance improvement suggestions.
3. For the next-generation products, the size of the appearance is recommended, for example: the display screen can be larger 9 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches, or smaller 5 inches, 6 inches, etc.
4. The installation method, do you prefer the suction cup installation method or the bracket installation method.
5. Other suggestions.

If your suggestion is accepted. We will be very grateful and have gifts to give.

Thanks for your participation!
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