Carpuride W702 Wireless Portable Dual Bluetooth Waterproof IP67 Motorcycle Stereo

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Supports Wireless Connections: Apple Carplay&Android Auto / Bluetooth Transmitter

Screen: 7-inch HD IPS capacitive Screen

Multimedia Playback: TF card input port

Built-in: 5G WiFi + Bluetooth transmitter

Audio output: Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth Audio

Waterproof grade: IP67

Voltage and Current: When using the motorcycle power line to supply power from the battery, make sure the output voltage and current are at 12V, 1A.
When using a USB Boost Cable, the voltage and current must be greater than 5V, 2.5A.

Compatibility Notice: To ensure you have the best experience with our Carpuride product, please note that the following mobile phone models currently do not support wireless connection: Samsung: S23, Note 20, S20, Galaxy A20 (model SM-A205g),  m22; Huawei: P40 Pro, P30, P30 Pro, P30 lite MAR-LX1A, Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, P smart 2019 - POT-LX1, nova 5t, MATE LITE 10; Xiaomi: 12 Pro, 11 Lite, 9, Redmi 9; Oppo: Reno 2, Reno 2 Z, A16S, etc.
Note: If your phone model is listed above, we recommend considering other compatible devices to enjoy our product's features and benefits fully.

Bluetooth Trans Note:
1. The helmet or earphone must be turned on and in an active state to be discovered by the Carpuride screen for pairing.
2. Do not connect your mobile phone to the Bluetooth helmet or earphone, as this may interfere with the pairing process.

Bluetooth Audio Note:
Connect your phone to the Bluetooth Headset or Helmet, and use CarPlay or Android Auto to play audio through the Bluetooth Headset or Helmet. 

We are F2C, and we have our factory. From research, design, and production, to after-sales service, we meticulously control every step. Not only in the USA but also in Europe, Japan, and other regions, we have overseas warehouses to swiftly dispatch your orders.

We have established a dedicated customer service team to provide you with exceptional support. Should you have any inquiries before purchasing encounter any dissatisfaction or need assistance during usage, feel free to reach out to us via our official email address, and we'll respond within 24 hours.

Moreover, our products come with a 24-month quality guarantee. We continuously strive to enhance our products and offer complimentary software upgrades to ensure an improved user experience for you.

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Customer Reviews

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David Olson

Still never got it yet. It’s sitting in your warehouse in Cambodia I guess for the last week.

Elizabeth Moreno
Elizabeth Moreno

I am very hippy but i jave a problem.
It turns Outlook Thatcher wehn the carpuride on. The maps conecta but it doesn't World for me unless i acrivate the prohne.
I mean. Grom the screen i put the adresse and it tells me the route but when i start moving it doesn't mové.
But if i put the Andrés an my phi e then it works fine for me.
Best regalos.

Slobodan Majstorovic
Carpuride 702W

Super fast and responsive device. Would have liked to have a detailed multimedia step-by-step instructions included in the box. The short guide didn’t cut it for a complete beginner like me. Thank you

Mark Wialbut
Love the display, software just OK, instructions not good.

I just returned from a 3000 mile motocamping tour of the Pacific Northwest and decided that navigating by audio inputs from my phone (which I kept in my pocket) didn’t cut it. I’d already ruined one iPhone’s camnera on my handledar mount and the display is to small to be on much use anyway. I looked into getting a Quadlock mount with vibration dampening but could not justify the price. The Carpuride W702 with its beautiful 7” display was less expensive than the Quadlock and solved more problems. I decided the Carpuride was the better choice and ordered one for my 2015 BMWR1200GSW.

Super easy install, I found alternative mounting devices on Amazon that allowed me to install it on the bar above the instrument panel that BMW uses to mount their Nav system on, and a short RAM ball female/female arm with a theft resistant clamp. I used the 12V connector that BMW uses to power their nav and spliced in Carppurides cable. The whole thing took about 20 minutes and I can easily disconnect and remove the Carpuride unit if I’m leaving the bike somewhere I don’t trust. The Carpuride W702 looks like it belongs there and does not interfere with my forward view while riding. The dispaly is bright, clear and big enough for my old eyes to see.I really like it and look forward to my next big backroads adventure with a map I can see.

Now for the not so good: Connecting the iPhonne 13 mini to the Carpuride, no problem. Connecting my helmet comm to the Carpuride was a problem, the Carpuride didn’t “see” my headset for many attempts. I deleted it from my phone’s Bluetooth device list and after several more tries it did come up in the Carpurides BT devices and connected but the music the Carpuride was disp[laying as being played wasn’t coming through my headset. It took a lot of disconnecting and reconnecting this way and that way to finally get it working as it should but I’m still baffled as to how it all worked. The instructions that come with the unit are woefully inadequate and Carpuride’s website provides no further guidance. I watched a couple of YouTube vids and it seemed they had similar experiences with things not workig as they should and then working or working sometimes but not always. The other niggling thing is contoling and selecting some things on the display is a bit of a challenge while riding. Maybe I’ll get used to it and it won’t be an issue.

Marcos Maggi
Excelente Produto

Muito satisfeito com o produto tela excelente alta definição, melhor navegador para moto que existe no mercado hoje

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