CARPURIDE W708 Pro Portable Smart Multimedia Dual Bluetooth Dashboard Console

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Supports Wireless & Wired Connections: Apple Carplay&Android Auto / Mirror link /Only wired AutoLink/ USB Multimedia Player/ TF Card Multimedia Player / Cam in/ AUX output/Bluetooth Transmitter

Screen: 7-inch HD IPS capacitive Screen 1024* 600

Support Voice Controls: Apple Siri & Android Voice Control & Google.

Multimedia Playback: USB + CAN IN +TF card Multiple input ports

Built-in: 5G WiFi + Bluetooth 5.0+Bluetooth transmitter

Light-sensing: Automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient brightness

EQ effect: Many different sound effect options

Audio Output: 5 Sound Modes include Built-in speaker 8Ω2W, FM, AUX, Bluetooth Transmission, BT audio (Note: Supports car BT sound by Carplay or A-Auto; does not support TF Card and USB Drive sound transmission to car speakers)

FM Frequency: FM 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz

AUX output: 3.5mm RCA

USB Port: 5V 2.1A

Operating Voltage: DC 12V-24V  The portable car stereo is equipped with the latest voice control technology. allowing you to make phone calls, navigate, and play music with the help of an intelligent voice assistant.  Bluetooth transmission function, supporting Bluetooth connection to car audio.  The portable car stereo is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto, simply connect your smartphone to access map navigation, phone contacts, notifications, music, etc.  The light-sensing design can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient brightness, protect your eyes, and drive more safely.  When playing music, click EQ. You can also choose rock, classical, jazz, and other sound effects.7-inch IPS touch-screen car stereo, resolution 1024 * 600, support 1080P video playback, and enjoy a full set of large-screen movies, maps, and other features.Wireless /wired connection Android Auto & Apple CarPlay & Airplay. Wired connection only AUTOLink. After connecting, you can watch videos, make phone calls, navigate, and play music.

We can upgrade the boot logo for free, completely personalized. For example, set your boot logo to match your model, or set the boot screen to your preferred personal or family photo, etc. Simply send us your preferred boot logo or picture.


Customer Reviews

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Zachary Chandler
W708 Pro

So far I really like it, but when I make phone calls on my Apple CarPlay with the wireless dual Bluetooth connection I cant hear the phone ring. Then once someone answers my call I can’t hear them unless I go into my phone settings and connect the phones Bluetooth to the Carpuride. (I thought it had to be connected to Bluetooth to work but it doesn’t auto connect through bluetooth it connects through the WiFi connection only and music and everything else functions properly.) Then once I connect and can hear them the person on the other line says it echoes back terribly. I feel like this must be user error but everything else seems to function properly so I’m not sure what I’m missing. Please let me know what I need to do to correct this as I would like to keep the unit and not return it. Thanks

J. Castellsaguer
W708 Pro + WF01 set

I bought two sets of W708 Pro + WF01.
I am very pleased with the results after installing them in my cars.
The User Manual is rather reduced, but any questions I had were quickly answered by Carpuride, sometimes within minutes.
In my BMW I could not connect directly the WF01 to my reverse light: there is too much electronic circuitry in the car and the WF01 expects simply 0 or 12V, less than 11V won’t be accepted. I decided to install a dedicated switch in the midden console, and the corresponding wiring.
Besides this extra work, everything worked fine.
And direct shipment from Carpuride went also smooth.

708 Pro

Perfect fit for our ample space. Shipping came straight out of china ( so be patient it will arrive, keep checking your tracking ) Included 1) device 1) dash mount 1) suction cup mount 1 3.5mm audio cable 1) dc power adapter. Packaging was very well box inside of a box. It was a great purchase.

Richard Balsamo

Its great, I wanted to get a Toyota boot image installed but couldn’t find how to order it when I purchased it.

Hello, thank you for your order, you can send the logo image to our email( )And attach the order number and the version number of the machine (which can be found in the settings menu of the machine)

Carpuride W708 Pro

The device arrived today, I installed it in the car and everything works perfectly. I just have to study how to connect it to the car radio via bluetooth, so I temporarily connected via AUX. Considering the Christmas holidays in Croatia and the limited working hours of delivery services, the device was delivered quite quickly and carefully. This is the third device I use, and I bought the W708 Pro because of the dual Bluetooth functionality and connection to the car radio via Bluetooth so I have as few wires as possible. At the same time, Carpuride support provided me with an installation file to replace the default boot logo with the car manufacturer's logo. In conclusion, I am very satisfied and now it is time to enjoy all the CarPlay functionalities of the device.

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