CARPURIDE W901 Plus Portable Wireless Car Stereo, Support Install Apps

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Today Customize Your Car Stereo with Carpuride W901 Plus.

Supports Wireless Connections: Apple Carplay&Android Auto / Mirror Link /Bluetooth Transmission

Built-in Android 12 system with 2+32GB, Support install Apps

Screen: 9-inch HD IPS capacitive Screen 1024* 600

Support Voice Controls: Apple Siri & Android Voice Control & Google.

Multimedia Playback: USB + CAN IN +TF card Multiple input ports

Built-in: 5G WiFi + Bluetooth 5.0+Bluetooth Transmission

Audio Output: 5 Sound Modes include Built-in speaker 8Ω2W, FM, AUX, Bluetooth Transmission, BT audio (Note: Supports car BT sound by Carplay or A-Auto; does not support TF Card and USB input ports sound transmission to car speakers)

FM Frequency: FM 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz

AUX output: 3.5mm RCA

USB Port: 5V 2.1A

Operating Voltage: DC 12V-24V, 3ABuilt-in Android 12 system with 2+32GB. After connecting to WiFi or Hotspot, you can download your favorite apps on Google Mall, such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Music, etc. You can also download the app to a TF card and install it.BT Audio: Support car BT sound by Carplay or A-Auto; does not support TF Card and USB input ports sound transmission to car speakers.NOTE: External microphone is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

Customer Reviews

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Emil Mitrasca
Good product

Work”s everyhink like advertised, at same level Android auto with android apps.
Wish had a gps module inside, more RAM and powerfull CPU. Maybe the next model. Until now very pleased.

Taylor M
So good.

Got this one to replace another brand and just love it. I mainly use it for the screen only. Connected to my car Bluetooth to play music and Bluetooth to the screen for screen function only. Definitely no complaints here.

Joachim Rummler
The display is an asset for my car and I recommend it.

Shipping of the Carpuride W901 plus was quick and uncomplicated. There were no customs duties in Germany. Mounting the display is easy, all necessary cables are included. The configuration is a little difficult if you also activate the “Screen Mirroring” option and download the corresponding app. The names in Bluetooth suddenly change. Sometimes you don't know in which system menu the settings should be made. An illustrated step-by-step guide would be helpful here. The included manual is very helpful, a suitable PDF file to download would be a great help. The same applies to the hands-free and audio functions for the telephone. Here you have to deactivate the Bluetooth pairings, like on the smartwatch or the car radio.
Once you have figured everything out, the device will run with all functions after starting the vehicle without any additional actions.
The display is an asset for my car and I recommend it.

Ashley Flores

Love it, i wanted it for youtube and it doesn exactly that! Now im waiting for a ten inch plus :) ill get that too when it comes out. I recommend this one to anyone looking to use Youtube on it

Nice unit, but lacking some features.

I really like the unit, and it allows app installation which is great! I've got a few features that would make it better though.
1) no built in GPS chip. You must use your phones GPS through Carplay or Android Auto.
To fix this, I added a USB GPS to the unit. It was like $6 on Amazon. Built in GPS is a must for the next version.
2) "Hey Google" is disabled on the unit and cannot be turned on. The microphone works for searching with voice, but you cannot invoke "Hey Google" unless you're in Android Auto mode (I believe. I have an iPhone, but I assume it'll work in AA mode).
3) The software is locked down wayyyy too much. You aren't able to customize anything on the home screen which is a shame. Most of the icons on the home screen are just settings for the unit which should have been placed in a settings app. I wanted to put my most used apps on the home screen, but I'm not able to. I use maybe one app on the home screen and that's it. Total waste of a home screen.
4) the system navigation is not able to be changed. You have to use the navigation bar on the left and cannot use something else. This is probably my least favorite feature. I want to use a different launcher, but it's pointless with their system navigation bar on the left.

All said, it's a very good unit if your car lacks CarPlay or AA, and you want the ability to install apps. It's pretty speedy and comes with enough hard drive space. I just wish they'd open up the software options a little bit in the future. If they do that, this thing would be 10 stars!

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