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Great little microphone

Just what I was looking for.

The perfect addition to my 2008 wrangler

I have gone through an embarrassing amount of gps/media dash equipment over the last 15 years trying to find perfect balance of hands free and easy to use. This is everything I’ve ever wanted and more. You won’t be disappointed. The auto dimm screen is still a little bright even at maximum low level setting but it’s not distracting when I’m in the city. Just when I’m in the middle of a trail with no light pollution. Great product.

Good but something to improve

stable connectivity.
i think that if it works by 5V from usb, it will be more useful.

Excelent product

very good product, and arrived in perfect condition

sticker bracket

trés bien livraison rapide parfait.


Good morning,

Good product and good image definition, on the other hand the device does not keep the settings charged (wifi bluetooth, hour) despite that I plugged into my golf 7 via the sigare light.
Do you have an explanation?
Thanks for your reply


I renewed my car, it works very well, fast,. easy to use and very good finishes

9" screen is real nice

Bought this for a 2013 Edge. Didnt have Carplay and I found out it doesnthave an Aux in plug either. The FM tuner option paid off well. Easiest electronics I have ever installed! works great!!! Would buy another if I had another car needing it!

Cd mount

A bit wobbly with 901 could do with an elbow so you can get the screen higher if needed

Best product

Quality is perfect and worth the price and the software is really good as well runs really well. highly recommend this product for your older or new vehicles.

Perfect Mount I even used, That’s what I search about finally, I recommend it

Perfect, i love it, That’s what I’m searching about finally, I recommend it

Great product

Very nice product for an older car.
Hands free phone and backup camera included.

Carpuride 103 pro

A great piece of equipment, would have given it 5 stars but I think the auto dark mode for night time use could be better, I find it too light for night time driving.

Absolutely Fantastic!

I used to have a similar product (a 7” LCD monitor from a competetive company - same principles). But after upgrading to iOS17 on my iPhone12 pro, the CarPlay stopped working (I could still use Bluetooth, but CarPlay was what was important to me). Their customer service refused to help (they didn’t even answere).

After some searching I came across Carpuride. I read/saw some reviews, and decided to hit the button and order this 9" version.
It worked INSTANTLY! I just love my new Carpuride, and I hope they support for firmwareupdates in the future too :)

I use my unit in 2011 mod Volvo XC70. And this is the perfect solution for what I was missing in the car (no multimedia screen integrated in the car).


If your car is old enough that the entertainment system does not have a GPS or doesn't support Apple car play or Android Auto what are your choices to upgrade. Your choice up to this point was to replace the head unit, either a single or dual din device with a unit that supports Car play or Android Auto. Many times it is not recommended to replace your current system because of the communications with the car's other systems.
The Carpuride unit is a perfect addition to your car when you can't replace the factory unit. If your current system supports Bluetooth or has an aux in you can take advantage of the car's audio system.
Physical installation took some time to figure out where and how to mount the unit. The actual communication connection between the unit and the car and phone took much less time than the physical mounting of the unit.
Before you order a unit figure out the size of the unit that will fit your particular application even to the point of cutting out paper or cardboard templates to represent the different models. An excellent product, highly recommended.

Great device for older car without CarPlay

The Bluetooth connection is seamless. No stuttering after it connects, its just works! My only critique is that I wish the device had a line out instead of a headphone jack. A line out would let the factory radio do more of the work and not distort. I'm constantly fooling with the EQ and trying to find a good balance of device volume, car volume, device EQ and car EQ to get a good sound, and not distort. The steering control device sometimes does not respond, but not a deal breaker. Other than that, a great purchase!

You must use 5V power supply

Great product, but works on 5V only (is not supported on poweradapter that use power delivery). I am not able to check and do any firmware upgrade at this time.

W708 pro Excellent purchase

On time delivery two weeks after order. Product works exactly as advertised. Great upgrade for my old car stereo with no fuss or hustle. Except for some easy steps to connect with smartphone it's almost plug n play. Very satisfied surely recommend it.

Excellent product

Haven’t had the device long but so far so good it was easy to install easy to connect to both iPhone and android phones and survives negative degree weather so far -5c the cigarette ports on my van seem to stay live all the time so I will be tying the power cord into key power at some point

excellent product

easy to set up. I'm just worried that I feel it gets too hot at the back.

Carpuride W609

Fitted in my 2006 Volvo which only had a radio and cd player. Plugged into cigarette lighter and setup in a few minutes. The display is brilliant and now I have Apple CarPlay and everything is working perfectly the screen is very responsive. The sound through the fm transmitter is much better than I expected.

CARPURIDE Air Outlet Bracket
William Pritchard
Better then expected

Initially, I had my doubts about a vent mounted bracket. Often such mounts are very flimsy, fit very loose, and extremely unsteady.
Surprisingly this has a clips that attach to the vents and support legs that provide for a stable mount. One must ensure that the clips are inserted fully into the vents for the proper stability.

Sehr gutes Gerät

Ich bin sehr zufrieden

Nice product to have

Product works great! Reliable and fast connection. The steering wheel control could improve with a play/pause button or even a mute button.